Until next Friday (4th of February, 2005) I will be working at Ulsan Language Academy. I still find it amusing that Korean teachers have to attend our classes whilst on vacation. If you look at the defintion of vacation below leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure; “we get two weeks of […]

Haidong Gumdo Grading

Saturday week I have a Haidong Gumdo grading. I am really looking forward to it. My ankle has recovered sufficently that I can now run across the road, ride the bike, etc without serious pain. But there is a small pain on the inside of my left ankle near the bone that sticks outs and […]


This week and next week I am working at Ulsan Language Academy. I love working there. It is a lot of fun teaching teachers. But this week I only have five hours of class and all of that on Monday. That leaves the rest of the week free, sounds wonderful, but I prefer to be […]


Did you know one third of all the traffic on the internet is people sharing files? And of that 1/3, 50% is shared using the BitTorent protocol . How do you use BitTorent? 1. Go to a website which has a list of ‘torrents’ Latest episodes of popular TV shows – This […]

Technology and Parents

Looks like my brothers and sisters gave a DVD player to mum and dad for Christmas. This is great news for me. Now I can make a DVD for my parents. So I will collect all the movies and pictures I have made and make a DVD Video and DVD picture disk for them. …. […]

Snow! Lots of it

Sunday (16th of January), woke up early (12 noon) and it was snowing! W.O.W Surprisingly, it was not cold. In fact it was warmer then yesterday when I went on my bike ride. So I made a snowman, picked snow fights with small children (and lost). Lots of fun. Met a nice man, Mr Kim […]

First Big bike Ride for 2005

I was reading the Ulsan Pear, December 2004 issue and it mentioned that there was a building with lots of computer shops in it. Obviously I had to find it, as Ulsan is really lacking in good computer stores. So how to get there? Well its a perfect excuse to go for a ride. It […]