Korean iPod Market Share and xenophobia

The Korean Herald has said that Apple Computer Inc. is strengthening its presence in the local digital music player market, a segment dominated mostly by Korean companies, thanks to the company’s low-cost approach on its best-selling products. According to a survey by online electronics retailer Danawa Corp., Apple Computer’s iPod music players accounted for 7 […]

Korea?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s ethnic Chinese minority

http://oranckay.net/blog/?theDate=200503241 Hardly news, but some Koreans have been wanting to artificially construct a “Chinatown” in Seoul and recent mention of the idea at the Marmot’s Discussion Group inspired me to recall to myself my knowledge of the Chinese minority and personal experience with Chinese friends in Korea. These are not organized thoughts in any way, […]

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Some interesting websites. (http://www.ianalbert.com/me/links.php) Slashdot News for nerds. BoingBoing My favorite ‘blog. MetaFilter Community run ‘blog. Gizmodo ‘Blog about the torrent of gadgets coming out. Little Fluffy Industries ‘Blog of online Flash games. Indispensible for those needing to dispense of time. Updated daily Salon Excellent, excellent online magazine. Straight Dope Answers to life’s important questions. […]