Korean Sex Industry

http://metropolitician.blogs.com/scribblings_of_the_metrop/2005/06/korea_herald_ar.html by Michael Hurt An excellent article on prostitution in Korea. The statistics and their implications about the Korean sex industry are depressing when you stop to think what it means. It is an interesting contrast between the official ‘moral’ position that the law takes towards sex: prostitution (illegal), adulatory (illegal) and the reality of […]

Birthday Boy

Today was my 37th birthday. Went to school as usual My students were very cute when they wished me happy birthday. I went to lunch with my co teachers. I had a hamburger steak for lunch. It was nice, but it is definately not a real steak. Mum also called me, which was nice. For […]

Battlefield 2

Went for a bike ride today after school to do the rounds of the big department stores in Ulsan. The local equivalent of Myers or Grace Brothers. So I rock up in my grubby shorts and Tshirt. I looked a little out of place, especially in the cosmetics sections you have to walk through on […]