Korean news

Teens on Holiday Face Chastity Watch Concerned social organizations have announced a campaign to guard the chastity of teenagers at holiday resorts along Korea?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s East Coast. The conservative groups including Hwalbindan, the Korea Dokdo Green Movement and the Senior Citizens Association of Jumunjin, Gangwon Province have been prowling beaches and entertainment places since Aug. 6 […]

Oz legal music downloads: Don’t hold your breath

A very interesting article from my favorite IT website, The Register Oz legit downloads fail, and fail again By Alex Malik (feedback at theregister.co.uk) Published Monday 8th August 2005 09:59 GMT Analysis Australian lawyer, academic researcher and music industry commentator Alex Malik presents a look at the Australian market for digital downloads. His research has […]