Policemen yesterday removing steel mesh from windows of buses used to transport riot policemen. The National Police Agency said it removed the mesh from all 1,131 buses, citing a drastic drop in violent demonstrations as the main reason. A symbol of the military government in the 1980s, the vehicles were dubbed “chicken coop cars,” and […]

New PC

I put an order in for a new PC today. I have been having problems with my old PC The case is a GMC H60. GMC is not the giant motor company, General Motors, but a small Korean company which seems to have a good reputation here. The thing I like about the case aside […]

I am a terrorist

The International Association of Chiefs of Police training guide on profiling suicide bombers gives some guidlines as to how a terrorist behaves: I exhibit all of these traits! ?¢‚ǨÀúBehavior. Does the individual act oddly, appear fearful, or use mannerisms that do not fit in? Examples include repeatedly circling an area on foot or in a […]


Got my rear wheel of my bike rebuilt today. All 32 spokes were replaced for 20,000 won and only 15,000 won labour. Pretty good value. I hope this stops the wheel from breaking a spoke every week or so. Last time I got a spoke fixed, another one broke 600 metres from the bike shop!