How much RAM is enough? the more the merrier. Two weeks ago I upgraded my RAM from 1GB to 2GB. Cost? Around 104,000 won (@US $104) Was it worth it? The answer is yes, Before when I was swapping between large applications the system would hang for a second or two. That is now gone. […]

Online shops to process Digital Photos in Australia

The Melbourne Age had an article on online photo printing services. I think I will use one of these to print my digital photos and send them to mum. 1. AgfaPhoto (www.agfaphoto.com.au) Print quality: Acceptable Cost per print: 45c (plus $3 delivery) Delivery time: Five working days Two methods of uploading files are offered, either […]


collecting waste paper Pressian has an article on old people collecting wastepaper to earn even a tiny income. one old man earns almost 10 000 won a day by collecting paper. As the price for waste paper is 50 won a kilo, it means he collects about 200 kilos a day Makes me wonder how […]