How to import and own a sword in Victoria, Australia

This article is an update of Summary To import and legally own a sword in Victoria Australia the cheapest and easiest way is: 1. Join the AUSTRALASIAN KNIFE COLLECTORS (AKC) 2. When importing the sword into Australia tell Customs you are a member of the Australasian Knife Collectors club. Customs will let the sword […]


An era long lost. Myself in 1989 at University. At 179cm I was only 79 kg and very thin. Even through I was thin, the height / weight tables you saw in high school physical education textbooks said I was overweight! Now 17 years later I am overweight but I hope to lose that excess […]


When I go back to Australia in September, I will miss all the apartment buildings and the wonderful snow in winter. Already it seems a distant memory and I haven’t even left yet. Still to be home again, to experience a cold wet winter again will be nice … for the first 5 minutes. Then […]

Gumdo Observations

Sperwerslog at is talking about snuffing out candles with a sword. This is very difficult and often results in flattened candles when your focus is off. After a few minutes it also kills your eyes. He also mentioned his legs getting stiff after being in a sitting position for a while, a problem I […]