My new Bike

Today I purchased my new bike. It’s a 2008 Giant CRX City Pro. What’s special about it is that it does not use a derailleur , it instead uses an 8 speed internal hub (Shimano Nexus) My impressions based on one short ride home? – The steering is twitchy! why? short wheelbase make turning easier, […]


In early March I finally got my rear suspension fork fixed. It worked beautifully (note past tense) In fact it still works beautifully, but now (March 12, 2008) the rear suspension has broken completely! The new problems is different to the old, but it will entail even more expenses I expect. I have already spent […]


Last week I upgraded my video card from an Nvidea 6600 to an ASUS EN8800GT. I was going to get the 9600GT for AUD $219, but the old (last December, less then 5 months!) 8800GT was only AUD$ 279 According to the reviews the 9600 is a good purchased b/c it almost equals the 8800GT […]