DataCamp .. R you learning?

This week I noticed Datacamp had a half price special, only$200 AUD for a years subscription. So I have cut down on playing games (sorry Battlefield V) and used that time to learn the tidyverse on datacamp. According to Datacamp’s website it is “the smartest way to learn Data Science Online. The skills people and businesses need to succeed […]


After breaking my last chair (is someone telling me I am too fat?) I decided to buy a new chair. It seems there is an official standard for chairs if you want a government or corporate contract. My chair meets it and has a seven year warranty compared with the standard one year warranty. At […]

Playing music on the Mac

Just installed version 1.0 of Vox a lightweight music player for OS X. I like it a lot, even through it initially crashed a lot. Solution is at – Open /Application folder. – Locate – With control+click (right click) on Vox icon select ‘Show Package Content’ – Open enclosed folder Contents->XPCServices – Remove […]