Korean Contact Details

Stephen Hucker Room 208 Anione High School, Sungan-dong, Jung-gu, Ulsan, South Korea 681-430 ?¨?°¬??¨‚Äö¬??™¬¥‚Äò?¨‚Äî¬??¨‚Ä??ì ?¨¬§‚Äò?™¬µ¬¨ ?¨‚Äû¬±?¨‚Ä¢ÀÜ?´¬è‚Ñ¢ ?¨?°¬??¨‚Äö¬??¨‚Ä¢¬†?´‚Ä?ÀÜ?¨‚Ä?¬ê?™¬?¬†?´‚Äú¬±??‚Ä¢‚Ñ¢?™¬µ¬ê zip code 681-430 Phone: Mobile (Korea) 019-9268-4658 International: 82-19-9268-4658 TEL: 052-261-4029 FAX: 052-248-4034 email:    stephen@stephenhucker.com MSN Messenger:   stephen_hucker@hotmail.com Skype:   stephen_hucker web site:   http://www.stephenhucker.com BLOG:    http://www.stephenhucker.com/ School website:    http://www.anione.hs.kr

Korean Blogs I like

Blog of the Pythi Master – The Marmots Hole – http://blog.marmot.cc/ Korean History, politics and culture GI Korea – http://jetiranger.tripod.com/BLOG/ An excellent blog on all things military and Korean by a serving Americian Army officer. http://kimcheegi.blogs.com/budaechigae/ Another Military blog. Like GI Korea, it has good coverage of the US military in Korea and their perception […]

Ulsan Language Academy Address

?¨?°¬??¨‚Äö¬??¨‚Ä쬥??‚Ä¢‚Ñ¢?¨‚Ä?¬ê(Ulsan Language Academy) Postcode: 681-300 66-1 Seongan-dong Jung-gu Ulsan ?¨?°¬??¨‚Äö¬??¨‚Ä??ì ?¨¬§‚Äò?™¬µ¬¨ ?¨‚Äû¬±?¨‚Ä¢ÀÜ?´¬è‚Ñ¢ 66-1?´¬?ÀÜ?¨¬ß‚Ǩ ?¨?°¬??¨‚Äö¬??¨‚Ä쬥??‚Ä¢‚Ñ¢?¨‚Ä?¬ê(?¨‚Ä¢¬†?´‚Ä?ÀÜ?¨‚Ä?¬ê?™¬?¬†?´‚Äú¬±??‚Ä¢‚Ñ¢?™¬µ¬ê 5-6?¨¬?¬µ) 052-246-9967, 052-246-9968. FAX) 052-246-9978 My phone is: 019-9268-4658 International: 82-19-9268-4658

Video of my students at Anione High School, Ulsan, South Korea

Music video of Anione School FestivalThis video was created by Microsoft Photo Story 3, a free program from Microsoft. It lets you create movies from a collection of pictures. You can add a voice over or like in this case, simply add an MP3 as background music. COST: Free ! COOL Factor: 10 out of […]

Prostitution: 4% of Korean GDP

Interesting article. This article was written after the crackdown on prositution, right after one of the government economic think tanks said the crackdown might cause a drop of 1% in GDP next year. http://metropolitician.blogs.com/scribblings_of_the_metrop/2004/10/seoul_nights.html Some of the article is reproduced below: in the wake of the Korean government’s publishing of statistics showing that prostitution made […]