Reader is dead, long live ?

  Google Reader dies tomorrow. The king is dead, long live the pretenders   TidBits – The state of Google Reader ReplacementsThe Feed Reader Reviews: FeedlThe Feed Reader Reviews: FeedbinThe Feed Reader Reviews: Newsblur   iOS Readers, Google Reader: Alternative RSS solutions for Mac and iOS users


  I have enrolled into an introductory statistics course from the University of Toronto Statistics: Making Sense of Data  I am into the second week of it and have learnt the value of that old adage … “if it wasn’t for the last minute” In addition to stats, the course gets you to use R to apply […]

ScanSnap S1300i

Just received my ScanSnap S1300i today.  It took ten days for the order to reach me from Amazon USA. Not too bad! As I mentioned before at Officeworks the same scanner cost AUD$400, with postage from Amazon it only cost me $280! I am very happy with the scanner. The one downside is the software […]

Python 2.7.3

I am now relearning statistics, oh what an exciting life I lead.Since no learning is complete without procrastination, I though I would learn Python first. Python is actually related b/c it is an ideal vehicle to screen scrape websites to get data for statistical analysis. And if you are so inclined you can use python […]