Just finished reading George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords on my Kindle. I actually own the books, but I find the Kindle is better for reading with the exception of: – Pictures, in this case maps– Quickly moving from one section of the book to the other, like you would with a reference book. […]

Memory Lane

PC Mag has an article 10 Classic Computer RPGs It included one game based on D&D which I spent hundreds of lunchtimes at high school playing with four other guys – Wizardy   I still remember killing an Orc with 7 hp with a tiltowait spell causing 85hp damage Tiltowait is “somewhat like the detonation […]

Tax Time

  I always use e-tax to do my Australian tax return. For the last three years I have the same process: 1. Enter all the data that is relevant, then get an answer that says I owe the tax office money2. Procrastinate for two or three months until finally I figure out what I have […]